Thursday, November 5, 2009

October Happenings

I never posted pictures of our pumpkin carving, or our trick-or-treating so here is the leftover pictures of October activites before our November events officially start.

Pumpkin Carving: He didn't really want to touch the goo inside but thought it funny when I did. Yes it is marker on his face. He saw me marking the pattern on my pumpkin and wanted to do it on his smaller one.
Trick-or-Treating: On more houses than not, Tyson would have rather gone inside to play in each one then to get the candy. We only went to a few houses before Tyson wanted to chill and eat the goods, hence these following pictures. We got out the camping chair to pass out candy and he was content to sit there for a while and eat. This next goody is at dinner one night. He loves jello and kept smearing it on his head. It was too funny not to stop, plus he was going to the bath anyway, but I thought this stage ended when they first learn how eat people food.
Our tree had the prettiest fall colors on it, so when Tyson and I were outside, it was fun to play in the leaves. Too bad I couldn't get him to smile.
It's been a little cold lately, but today we are having 72 deg weather, so now that I hear Tyson waking from his nap, we'll be headed outside for more fun before we get snow!