Tuesday, July 28, 2009

My feathered friends...

Those in my ward know that I've been trying to find ducks around our area. I've been asking around and been to two lakes and 4 ponds with no sign of ducks. I got it in my head that Tyson would just love to feed the ducks and I was just trying to plan a fun activity! I even had been carrying around bags of bread in my car in case we found some on our way home from somewhere. Well after all that searching, Scott finally found some (at a pond I'd already checked)! Well, not exactly ducks, but geese, but at this point I would take anything I could get. So Scott and I head over to the park and to where the "ducks" were sitting in the shade and tried to get them to eat our bread. Most were not too interested, but we did get a few followers. However, Tyson really had no interest. He wanted to play in the dirt, chase a dog that was walking by and play with dad on some pull-up bars in the park. So what do I get out of this long awaited, built up event? Me, by myself, feeding the geese, while Scott is getting a kick out of this and taking pictures!
Starts like this...Ends like this...they were getting a little to close for comfort (I'd heard mean things about geese).

Where is Tyson you may ask?...

Off doing this....And this...

And this...Any pictures of him feeding or even near the geese? No.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Splash park

We have a splash park seriously, around the corner from our house (in case any family members or friends would like to visit us and bring their children....). It's growing on Tyson, but he mostly just wanders around the outside of it and plays in the water that spouts only a little bit out of the ground. He is not a fan of getting water dumped on the head or splashed in his face. Can't say I blame him. Those are a size 7 shoe and one of the only pairs we can find to fit his fat feet. What 17 month old wears a size 7??(doesn't he look tall in these pictures?)
Here he is throwing a mini tantrum because I wouldn't let him eat some random person's snacks that were sitting out. My child is the thief of the playground. You leave it out unattended, its fair game. This, for instance is not our bucket...but I appreciate other mothers who think ahead and bring toys so that my son can play with them!
Yes, Tyson is very white...almost glowing. Lets just blame it on his father and end the discussion. :)
He's also been busy doing others things. He says please both in sign language and vocally really emphatically when it comes to asking for food. I'll have to get it on tape because its quite funny. I'll be in the kitchen and he'll come running up, yelling please and rubbing his chest and I know exactly what he wants... food. Great system we got going on here! Tyson also enjoys sticking things in the VCR. I caught him putting a CD inside it, so I pull it out only to find another one. I look to see what else might be inside and found a kazoo. Go figure. He's a really sweet boy with lots of energy!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

We love the Zoo!

I'm bored of seeing my blog post (and according to my sister, she is too), but haven't taken any pictures to keep it updated. I had a great post for Scott's birthday (which was last Thursday...Happy Birthday Scott) and I wanted to scan some of his younger pictures in it but couldn't find them. So the blog didn't end up being published.

So finally on to new events....Last night the zoo had an Ice cream Safari where they had All-you-can-eat ice cream for just a few bucks! You know my boys enjoyed that! Only a small part of the zoo was open where they were giving away ice cream and that included the petting zoo. I thought Tyson would enjoy the goats everywhere but all he seemed interested in were the gravel and rocks! I could hardly catch a picture of him because he was on the move the whole time.

See...there he goes!

Here is another part of Tyson and a neighbor/church friend with a goat.
I think the goat was hoping these boys had snacks on them (which is usually the case for Tyson) and came sniffing around.
I can't believe I didn't get any shots of Tyson eating ice cream, but he enjoyed his fair share.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

The 4th and Fireworks!

I grew up in a household that celebrated each holiday in special ways. So I've tried to carry that on to my own family. I wanted the 4th to be fun, even if it meant our bbq was cooking hamburgers on our George Foreman, one at a time (its true) and eating slightly undercooked corn on the cob (also true). But we had to have a bbq on the Fourth of July...it's tradition afterall! Even though it's been only a year since we've lived in Nebraska, this is our 3rd Fourth of July here (the first being during an internship summer we spent here in 2007) and I think we've finally found the best place to watch fireworks. With only a few debates on where to park or whether or not to go back and get the chairs I'd forgotten, we ended up finding a great spot. Though Tyson would most likely never remember this year, I wanted to experience watching him, watching fireworks. Last year we watched it from our car and this year, by golly, we were going to watch it outside on a blanket with the rest of the folk!
We found a great way to keep him seated and quiet....Marshmellow Maties. A great show took place right above our heads and Tyson just sat and stared. Didn't cry, didn't really even move, just watched them. Made my day.
I couldn't help adding this picture of Tyson from last year on Fourth of July. He was almost 5 months old...It's amazing how much and how fast they grow!Hope you all had a festive 4th!