Saturday, February 26, 2011

Month of Milestones!

With January and February being slow months around here because of snow and weather, it was a perfect time to get a couple things going. Including eating baby food! We got a little later start on it than I did with Tyson. You realize how time consuming it can be when you have another child around. But she is even happier now with a fuller belly and seems to enjoy her cereal and veggies so far.
Our second big milestone is finally having a potty trained boy!!! Two weeks before he turned 3, something finally clicked. I credit this Youtube video. We watched it a LOT and all of a sudden it was easy. We've had one accident in a month (the first day). He wakes up dry from his naps and only wears a pull-up at night, which a majority of the time is dry when he wakes up. Hall-e-lu-jah! I was worried about having to squeeze him into those size 6 diapers for much longer. He got a robot dog for completing his potty train chart and was pretty stoked!

My B-day...

started with a these two boys making me pancakes for breakfast and went to work making me a birthday cake!and then a little tasting of the batter to make sure it was just right. Only the best for mom.We then headed to Panera Bread...yummy stuff!I was sung a great rendition of "Happy Birthday" that evening and eagerly assisted in blowing out my candles. A little spit on cake never hurt anyone. It was finger-lickin good.Camille was there to celebrate too.One of my favorite presents was a new camera! Still working out the angles but in the meantime, enjoy a nice view of my neck.
Here's to enjoying the last year in my 20's!!