Monday, December 20, 2010

All things Christmas-y

I'm so behind on I'm trying to get them all done before more pictures get taken for Christmas. We're headed off to Arizona tomorrow so a week so it will be another long while before I post again.

Tyson keeps telling me that, "This is the best Christmas ever!" He told me that way back on December 5th. Not quite sure what we did at that point to make it so fun besides put up the Christmas tree. But I'm glad he's a happy and grateful boy! I've been trying to do some fun little Christmas things this year with him. We've got the countdown chain going, made snowflakes, decorated ornaments, played Christmas Bingo (a million times...that game is right up his organized ally) and of course went to see Santa. He's been asking for a blue truck. We've told him to tell Santa and at both our ward party and Scott's work party, he got presents (cool)! He was so excited about them but on the way home from the 2nd time we'd seen Santa, Tyson quietly said quietly and sadly to himself in the backseat, "oh, no blue truck." I think he thought that was it for Santa. So needless to say Christmas morning will be fun with him when he finally opens that blue truck!

He was just talking Santa's ear off...quite a difference from last years "No Ho-Ho!" episode.This last picture is just a random one but funny. I needed to cut Tyson's hair and he hates having it done, so I tried to bribe him with candy. This is how I found him eating them...he poured all the Nerds onto his belly and then proceeded to eat them off of it. His own personal plate!


Buddled up from head to toe, Tyson went off to explore the wild front...yard. He climbed "mountains," followed bunny tracks (they're all over the lawn), made lots of footprints of his own, threw snowballs, and made a snow angel. He did not want to come inside. But with a promise of hot chocolate with marshmellows, he brought his runny nose in. Turns out he doesn't like hot chocolate.


As mentioned in the previous post, out Thanksgiving travel plans to Utah were thwarted due to the weather across Wyoming and if any of you have made the drive across that state, you know to avoid that as much as possible. We just didn't feel good about our car with 2 little kids trying to make the trek. Fortunately for us our friends, the Millers, took us in for the Thanksgiving holiday. And we sure had a great time! Splitting up the food made everything so easy and relaxing. Thank you Millers for a great time! Tyson sure enjoyed the chocolate pie!Melanie and I had great plans to map out our route for Black Friday but somehow the ads disappeared...and where did we find them? In the hands of our mocking husbands who were suddenly interested in the good deals. Notice the football on in the background as well...
We went out at midnight to Walmart (craziness) and again at 4 to Target and others. And I would say it was successful! Both in what we bought and in transforming Melanie into a black Friday shopper! I've noticed being tall really comes in handy during all the shopping chaos. I can spot the shortest lines, the products we were looking for, and my shopping partner. Its a fun time of year!
And I just threw these pictures of the kiddos in here because I think they were from the same weekend. Ty doesn't mind bundling up as much now that he's older and Camille spent the holidays working on some tummy time (3 months old)