Tuesday, September 29, 2009

I'm an old Ute!

This past weekend, Utah volleyball had a big reunion. They were celebrating 35 years of Utah volleyball and my coach's 20 year mark. So we drove out half way on Wednesday and got there Thursday afternoon. On Friday night, they played BYU. It was so fun to be a part of and to see old friends. During the 2nd and 3rd game, all the alumni came out on the floor and lined up by the decade they played in. Utah won the game in 5 and afterwards, we went to a reception where we had food, told stories, and laughed a lot. I do miss my old teammates a lot! We also got this really cool jacket which of course, you can never have too many Utah jackets!
Some of the girls I played with! I played and lived with Jackie all 4 years (on my right) and it was so fun to see each other and our boys and catch up!! Lots of memories!

All these pictures are taken by Harold, the man in the middle...a super fan! He emails them all out which I'm glad because sadly, I didn't get any pictures. (And Kat, if you are reading this...you are such a dork..but I have to admit, so funny!)

A picture of the family. They gave us little bags of popcorn which kept Tyson still and in his seat for a little while. He did really well considering how loud and late it was. Scott did run around with him in the halls for a couple games so that I could enjoy myself!

On Saturday we had a sand volleyball tournament and it just reminded me again not only how long I've been away from volleyball but how out of shape I am. It was fun and I got a little sun as well! We squeezed in as many visits in our trip as possible, seeing my grandparents, aunts and uncle and my brother and wife. It was non stop trip of things planned and our little man was super! We drove all the way home on Sunday which was long but pretty easy with Tyson. Although I don't think we gotten in the car since we've been home!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Pros/Cons of Motherhood!

(I was originally going to name this post 'Poo and BYU', but I didn't want to be too offensive!)

Don't let this cute boy fool you...
This little munchkin pooped in my tub in 3 different bath nights in one week! I can't tell you how sick I am of scooping it out of the tub and bleaching all his little bath toys that had the unfortunate experience of being in the water with him. N0 one ever tells you about these more glamorous parts of motherhood!

He did make it up to me though. This is something we've been working on and that I'm quite pleased with. :)

**Note: This may be disturbing to some BYU fans. Feel free to turn away now and/or plug your ears. haha :)

During the last BYU football game, Scott was teaching Tyson to say 'Cougar.' So while Scott's been at work, I've been trying to undo the damage. Instead of Tyson saying cougar, when asked, he says "Yuck!" I personally find it hilarious. Scott on the other hand...not so much! (Sorry about the camera work, he likes to climb all over me)

Friday, September 11, 2009

Party weekend = Picture overload!

For Labor Day weekend, my sister and family came out to visit from Denver. It's been a long time since we've lived less than 10 hours away from each other, so we made sure to enjoy ourselves! Our first morning, the boys wanted to play out back. Great! Problem is, Tyson doesn't like to do the norm, or stay with the group. Since we're in the midwest and don't have fences the first thing Tyson does is bolt around to the front of the house and takes off down the sidewalk. Luke and the boys were kind enough to bring him back for me.

We also headed over to the Omaha Zoo (a must if you are a visitor) and spent lots of time there! I loved the gorillas as it was one of the very few times, Tyson would pause for a moment long enough to get a picture.
He's checking out the life size monkey wall, trying to figure out which one he's taller than.My sister has a similar shot on her blog, one of the few pics we could get them together. Her boy will sit for a picture, mine will not. Loved this guy!Ha! Caught him sitting down for a minute throughout the gorilla exhibit.First time on a carousel and he didn't know what to think of it. By the very end, he sort of cracked a smile! He loved the chicked we were riding though.My sister, Krisin, and her husband Luke, and the kids, Tanner, Austin, and Lukey! I loved spending time with these kids and their very fun and unique personalities!This peacock was our biggest fan during our lunch break. Luke thought it was really funny to throw pieces of bread right next to us so the bird would get up close and personal. Tanner was being very brave:)We finally exhausted Tyson in the aquarium where it was darker, but only lasted about 45 minutes. Yes he blanket is in the mouth.

Day 2 took us to the splash park near our home. The boys loved it and Tyson loved drinking the water out of these water shooting animals.
Here he is showing a little thigh for the ladies.We tuckered him out once again, this time during a meal (which surprisingly he didn't finish) and sitting straight up. Funny kid. He plays hard! The BYU game ended out our evening in which Kristin and I were instructed to take the two littlest ones out shopping so they didn't distract the men. But before we went, we took a picture with the flag Scott put up and all the boys. Yes, my kid is the chubby one without the shirt. I guess I'd rather have him shirtless, than wearing a BYU shirt! We went to Hobby Lobby and found some cute baby girl fabric for blankets for her little girl that's coming. And also ventured to JCPenney for some more cute girl items. It was proven once again that girl clothes are much cuter than boys!
It was a really fun weekend! Thanks for coming out Kristin and the boys!