Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Tyson loves preschool! When I asked him what his favorite thing to do at preschool was, he said, "eating snacks." Each parent takes a turn bringing snacks in. This morning when I told Tyson it was preschool day, he jumps up and down and says, "Yay! Who's bringing the snacks today?" Oh, the important things. I believe/hope he is learning other things as well. :) He comes home with lots of fun art and pictures to share. He's a cute boy and definitely at an age that keeps us laughing. He talks non-stop about anything and everything and I need to do better at writing the funny things down. He's loves to imagine and pretend, loves to play with his animal toys and loves learning. He's got a quick mind that soaks things up and an amazing memory. I'm sure thankful for him and love him a lot!
Tyson's preschool picture-age 3

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Such a Tease!

Camille loves to tease Tyson. Sometimes while my very orderly son is playing with something, she will sneak up, grab one of his toys, and run away as fast as she can with a sly smile on her face. It cracks me up everytime although Tyson doesn't think its quite so funny. Here in this video, they were playing something cute together and so I tried to video it but then she randomly decideds body slam him and continues to put her feet on his face. I'm glad Tyson tolerates it and will play along with her on the majority of occasions. She is 15 months old and is getting quite the fun personality. She is my shadow most of the day which can drive me a tad crazy someyimes, but she's often smiling and happy so its a good balance. (sidenote: the high-pitched squeal is Tyson as well as the constant "cheeeeese")

Tuesday, November 1, 2011


We had our Ward Trunk-or-Treat party last weekend on Friday night...which was a big hit with Tyson. He was dressed up as a "builder" as he would tell you, and spent most of the week "fixing" things around our house. I made him the little tool belt and Grandma Turner found the vest for him. Camille was a cute little witch and I was amazed at how well she kept her headband/hat on. While some kids kept making multiple rounds around the trunks, Tyson made one lap and then was content to sit in the car and dig through his bucket of candy.

The local community center had some Halloween festivities that we headed off to on Saturday. We took the kiddos around our neighborhood and Camille would laugh everytime Tyson would go up to a door and come running back.

Camille loved exploring the candy bowl but I don't think she quite understands how good all those treats can be! But she did know that she wanted them in her basket!

This weekend was sure busy and I'm glad its all over!