Friday, April 9, 2010

All in a Days Work

Learning the ropes of yardwork. Good thing he has a great mentor!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Extravaganza

Through Scott's work last week, we were able to go to this Easter Carnival event which had lots of games, prizes, and all things Easter. Tyson was able to do a few of the games, but I don't think totally understood what was going on. We just told him he would see bunnies and eggs which he was excited about!
Practicing his Plinko skills for "The Price is Right." We came home with lots of little trinkets to use in his own basket:)A clown made Tyson a balloon dinosaur which was cute but quickly disassembled at home.This past weekend we had a spur of the moment visit from my sister who lives in Denver. They were originally planning on going to Utah but with both freeways closed going that direction and already having bags packed, they headed here instead! I'd say we had a pretty fun visit. We colored eggs, had an easter egg hunt, painted my bedroom, went to the park to play and fly kites a couple times, made homemade strawberry jam, and had some Wii tournaments. All in just over 2 days! Here are Kristin's boys and Tyson coloring eggs. Glad we stripped Tyson. He proceeded to throw his first egg into the green causing a big splash and spill. He's showing off his work. On to the EGG HUNT! The boys had to each find their certain color egg that we hid and it took Tyson only a little while to catch on and go running around with the rest of the boys. He kept yelling "More Eggs!" Scott would just grab some out of his bucket and throw them back in the grass and Tyson would hurry and chase after them. Proudly displaying his loot! And look at that green grass! Such a relief to have over the snow...we've been having some really beautiful days of sunshine and good weather! After Tyson discovered the plastic eggs had candy in them, he went inside and started sucking on the dyed hard boiled egg trying to get some out of there, hence the blue face and hands.

It was so fun to see Tyson eating his cereal like a big boy (with an actual spoon instead of his hands still) like his cousins. They all looked so cute there together eating breakfast. It was a fun whirlwind weekend and I am completely exhausted:)Sadly I didn't get any pictures of my sister and I or her cute little baby girl, who Tyson loved, but not really all the attention I gave her. Hope we figure this out before his own sibling comes in a few months. an update...I'm now over 18 weeks along and we find out what we are having in a week and a half (April 14). I'm super excited! Any predictions??