Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Just a quick update on my cute 6 month old girl! (I know, she needs a bow). She had her 6 month check up recently, and of course is growing like a weed. She is 29 inches and weighs 18 lbs. Which is 99% for height and 88% for weight. I've never had a child in the 80's for anything before!! She is long and lean...a totally different body type than Tyson was/is. She is very quick to smile and has one bottom tooth poking through. She's my short napper and has been a little more finicky as far a food goes. We went for a walk yesterday since the weather was nice and she loved being outside and would laugh at Tyson as he walked in front of her. She loves being surrounded by people and will quietly observe what's going on around her. We sure love having her as part of our family!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Somebody's 3!

For Tyson's 3rd birthday this year, we took him to a place called, The Amazing Pizza Machine. It's a pizza buffet with a ton of different arcade games, mini golf...etc. It was quite fun and Tyson took full advantage of the fact that we let him eat junk. Take those two drinks for is a slurpy and the other fruit punch I think... He decided it was best to try them together at the same time. Wow. I brought cupcakes for desset and he loved being sung the Happy Birthday song!Tyson loves his Uncle Sean (Scott's younger brother) who lives/works out here in Omaha and he brought some fun presents for Tyson. Tyson enjoyed playing all the games he could and collecting the tickets!The boys took the game playing seriously. This was in the kiddy section and all it was, was a big goofy horse with huge teeth that you tried to knock down with little balls. You don't quite get that vibe based on the picture.Camille was a trooper and just happy to be along for the ride. She's sure is pretty easy!The next morning, on his actually birthday, we opened presents. Here he is getting Candyland....we've played it over and over again. He got a pillow pet!! He really wanted a bee despite my attempts to get him to pick the dog. I think he likes it!Camille gave him a little robot to go with his robot dog from potty training.Dad took him to pick out his very own balloons that morning! He was jealous of the ones I got earlier for my birthday and loved having his very own to knock around. They were a hit with Camille too!
Don't laugh too hard at my cake. It was pretty impressive to a three year old boy:) Happy Birthday Tyson! We sure love your quirky, fun, big personality in our family!
Fun facts about Tyson:
At his 3 year check up he was 41 1/4 inches tall and weighs 43 lbs. Yowser! He had to get 3 shots in his leg but was really brave and just cried a little. However he did limp around the rest of the day, telling me the doctor hurt his leg.
Recent sayings:
Dad: Tyson, I need a special helper...
Tyson: Mom's a good helper.
Dad: Who are Nephi's brothers?
Tyson: Laman-ade.
(Having a discussion with Tyson about prayer.)
Dad: Tyson you have a Father in Heaven
Tyson: Hercules??
A little while ago I was upstairs in my room with Camille trying to find a quiet space to feed her and put her to sleep. Sure enough Tyson comes up and starts chatting up a storm. I told him to go downstairs and I'll be there in a minute. He proceeds to walk down and I hear a thud thud thud...and knew he had fallen down the first set of stairs onto the landing. And then I heard a big "Ugghhhh" from him. He comes back up slowly and sighing the whole way. He walks back in saying, "I really hurt" and puts his head on my lap. He sits there quiet for a second and then says, "Ok, I try again!" and walks back out. I about died laughing. He was just so matter-a-fact about it all, that it was too funny.


Scott's mom gave Camille this cute dress a while back and she now fits in it. It was perfect for Valentine's Day. So we made sure to take pictures to send her.She especially loved all the ruffles.The kids each had cute little gifts in the morning from us and from Grandma Turner. It's fun to have little holidays like this with kids around. Tyson sure loves his baby sister. He likes to crawl up next to her when she is on the floor or just recently loves to give her a bottle. She just can't get enough of him! She is the happiest in the morning when he is running around and will just watch him wherever he goes and he loves to make her laugh. During his nap she just isn't the same. Glad that they are good friends for now!