Saturday, February 20, 2010

2 is the Magic Number!

I know, I know. It's been too long. Believe me, I've heard it from the family. Our lives have been really boring, with the exception of Tyson's birthday (and mine, but those aren't as fun when you get older) which is my main reason back into blogging. The snow is still piled high outside, which is why we've been spending most of our time indoors and it can make for some dull days. We continue to get snow at least once a week. So. fun. But, all that aside, we did have a fun Valentine's Day and birthday celebration for my now 2 year old. I just hope I even remember how to download pictures:)

Valentines Day
I tried to make Valentine's Day a little fun and gave him some little gifts along with gifts from Grandma Turner (thanks) when he woke up in the morning. He really had no idea why he was getting these things, but he loved the cheap little trinkets and carried them all around for the rest of the day and kept him busy at church

Birthday Boy- 2
We made the mistake of giving him a present before the cake and once he opened his gift he wanted no part in giving it up. This first picture we had to lure him with the present to get him to sit by the cake so I could try and get a picture with the cake and him. You can see a little tear on his face from when we took it away to come eat cake. Don't mess with the toys. Lesson learned.Finally he was happy enough and wanted to say cheese in front of the camera (notice everyone else's cake is already eaten). Our neighbors came over to share cake (and those little sponge balls are still a big hit!)
Once, he got a taste of the frosting off of Scott's finger, he wanted to go in full force and lick the cake. Pretty funny!
One of his main presents this year was a train set. He loved opening presents and especially playing with his new things. We've played with his train in the morning...and at night (after bath). We have a hard time saying goodnight to these trains. That's a look of serious concentration. In the morning we went to this community center open gym for younger kids (kind of a free for all with lots of toys all over). And afterwards, I needed to pick up some things for his cake and I caved and let him ride in those stupid carts that are in the shape of cars and are 50 feet long and hard to maneuver through the aisles. It was his birthday after all and he loved it and kept saying he was going fast as he was driving the steering wheel. I hope I didn't start something I'll regret! It turned out to be a pretty fun day and we enjoyed celebrating with our big 2 year old.

Other Random Photos
Saying cheese while just kicking back and eating lunch.

Trying on mom's shoes. Cool dude!

And Finally... Another reason why 2 is the magic number (and also part of the reason I haven't been blogging)

We are very excited for Tyson to be a big brother! I'm due Sept. 2 (but planning on being induced a week early), so that makes me a little over 12 weeks along!