Friday, March 23, 2012


The weather has been amazing here recently, so we ventured out to the zoo.  Camille loved trying to keep up with her brother as we went to each animal.  Tyson was Mr. Navigator and had the map in hand the entire day, telling me which direction to go. Camille just tried to climb up each exhibit.

Tyson's preschool had a space day where he had to bring a space helmet that we made at home.  Talk about panicing! So this is the ghetto fabulous helmet we created! I glued a plastic construction hat inside so the box wouldn't move around his head.  He liked it. When we got to school, I realized most kids had just covered a bike helmet with foil! Ahh! It could have been so much easier!

Camille and I have ventured to the library when Tyson's at school and Tyson loves to come home and check out all the books we got and then read to her.  He's a good big brother.

The humidity we've had lately has made Camille's hair extra curly! I haven't put anything in it or done anything extra to it!  I love it, but not always sure what to do with it!

This was after a nap so its a little crazy but you get the point! (Thanks for the cute dress Marissa!)

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Wedding Day

I mentioned a few weeks ago that Sean's brother got married out here in Omaha and I forgot my camera on the big day so I've been trying to collect some pictures from Scott's family. Scott was the best man and Tyson was the ringbearer.  Both looked so handsome!
(I wish I could figure out how to get rid of his glowing eyes)

Here are Scott's siblings right before the wedding ceremony.  And then his whole family.  Everyone looked so nice!
The ceremony took place at a beautiful art museum in downtown Omaha in front of this art sculputre. They were still setting up the aisle when this picture was taken but there were rose petals lining the sides and candles around that were really pretty.

The reception took place at this beautiful...mansion I guess you could say.  It's called a castle but its
this big historic home transformed into a place to hold big events.  I'm probably not doing it justice but the tables were set up so elegantly.  They did BBQ ribs, chicken, and brisket on fine china. Kind of represents the  2 of them together!