Monday, January 24, 2011

Hurray for pictures!

I have some pictures! Thanks to my mom and sister I've gotten a good amount of pictures from our Christmas vacation. I'm still missing some pictures of my family on Christmas morning but we have lots of other fun moments captured. For instance...a classic telling of the Nativity with none other than Grandma and Grandpa acting as Mary and Joseph. That's what happens when they tell us that we were in charge. Tyson went back and forth between being the donkey and a sheep (you can see his headband ears) and immediately parked himself in the manger to enjoy the rest of the story. Mary and Joseph and 2 cute granddaughters.Later we were led in carols by Rudolph or should I say Prancer...CHRISTMAS!
Tyson received lots of toys from Santa. Although Grandma outdid Santa with this laptop he got. He plays with it all the time and feels so cool. Here is my pretty Christmas girl all wrapped up in a Christmas bow. I had more of these on my camera and was bummed they were all lost but luckily my mom grabbed a shot too!2 cousins that will I hope will be great friends growing up! Look how long Camille is looking there at 4 months. (She was 15 lbs and 27 1/2 inches at her dr.'s inch shorter than tyson but 6 lbs lighter)These 2 were great buddies. I hardly had to keep track of Tyson because they were so busy entertaining each other. Tyson still talks about all of the boys. Christmas afternoon, we went to a friend of my parent's house where he hooked up a trailer to horses and took us for a hayride around the neighborhood. The kids then got to ride some ponies around the yard and they loved it! Cute cousins on the hayride...Our family! Camille slept through it all!
Sunday morning in their Sunday best. Grandma bought all these matching outfits. Love the scowl on Tyson's face. The girls! We had lots of fun together! I think my mom thought we should I put it...over the top, annoying maybe?? But frankly, we found ourselves to be hilarious! And she laughed a lot too (admit it mom!)Later that night, we went to visit the Arizona Temple lights. Sure was a nice change to just wear a light jacket and flip flops compared to cold, cold Omaha. One of the parks we spent time at with family had a cool lizard Tyson loved.

Grandma took the kids to the Arizona Science Museum too. It was a jam-packed week full of fun!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Holiday Re-cap

I'd love to blog and share pictures about our warm Christmas in Arizona, but I can't. At least not the pictures. My dear camera, the one with all my Christmas morning pictures on it, is most likely sitting in a pile at an Arizona landfill. Gone out with all the Christmas wrapping paper and trash. And I'm so so sad about it. Luckily, I got nearly all the pictures downloaded onto the computer before our trip but it hurts thinking that I lost Camille's first Christmas and Tyson opening his blue truck from Santa. Fortunately, I will have other pictures from our vacation after Christmas from my mom and sister who took pictures of my family for me.

It really was a great time though. I wore flip flops the whole time (a nice change from Nebraska weather) and Scott enjoyed 3 days of golf. We went to the temple lights, a horse ride on a trailer, spent time with extended family, hit the stores, went to the Science Museum, acted out the nativity, and spent lots of time outside by taking trips to the neighborhood park. And I can't forget stuffing our faces with all the goodies/sweets my mom had on hand. Hopefully I'll be able to add pictures soon. Thanks for a great holiday Mom and Dad! Looking forward to a new year and hopefully a new camera birthday is coming up:)