Friday, July 30, 2010

Family Pics

These are just some family shots we had done while in Park City for our reunion. Its amazing how we've grown from our last photo a couple years ago. The only way we could Tyson to stand there and not cry was if we said "Giraffe" instead of "Cheese" right before taking the picture. Whatever works. He warmed up to the idea of smiling later.A few of my favorites of him. I love when you can capture those candid shots to really get their true personality.
Excited to see this cute boy as an older brother!
As a pregnancy update... I went to my 35 week appointment yesterday and had an ultrasound to check the size of the baby. I don't know if being to a new doctor and him maybe not quite believing me when I say I have big babies, was the reason we had one or not. But anyways, this little girl is looking to make a big entrance also. Comments from the ultrasound tech such as, "you're having an epidural, right?" and "you haven't bought any newborn clothes yet have you?" led me to believe baby girl is large and in charge. They estimated that she could be about 6 lbs 12 oz. right now with her head in the 97%. So we'll definitely be induced at 39 weeks and lets hope that she doesn't have any more growth spurts in there during these next 4 weeks. I'm feeling good though, just a little extra tired at the end of the day and I am having lots of fun getting her room all ready. We are sure anxious to meet her, however she comes, and hope these next couple weeks go by quickly!
Oh...and no name yet!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Family Reunion-Turner Style

Since I'm behind on blogging, I figured maybe if I put lots of pictures in, that will make up for it! This past week we had a family reunion with just my parents and siblings and our kids and it was a super fun, busy week. Living in 5 different states makes it kind of difficult to get together regularly, so we really took advantage of spending lots of time together. We shared a condo in Park City and were able to see and do lots of fun things. Day 1 included a trip to Lagoon. And here I am riding one of the very few rides I could go on (being pregnant and all). Tyson really liked the rides. You could never tell by some of his expressions in all the pictures because he would just stare, straight-faced as if observing and taking it all in. Totally fits his personality. But when we went to get him off, he would always say "Again!" after every ride. Luckily Grandpa and Scott were able to ride lots of rides with him.
2 of my sisters kids, Austin and Luke with Tyson. My Grandpa Evans also made the trip up and spent some time with us at Lagoon. Here they are, with cousin Easton, taking a break in the shade and enjoying a sucker. I know...we are starting to look a little hot and sweaty so it was nice to sit and enjoy a train ride for awhile.More blank stares...

Day 2, the boys went golfing in the morning and we met them for lunch at a fishing pond near Heber. These 2 boys loved throwing rocks (and sometimes duck poop) in the water and I thought for sure a couple times Tyson was going in as well. That evening we had family pictures taken, which I'm so excited to see. My little studs are posing during some down time. Men wore white polo's, women wore turquoise shirts and all the little grandsons wore these matching striped polo's.After 2 busy days we still had energy to play the family card game of "Oh Heck." Its a little tricky playing with so many people, but still fun to sit around together.
Day 3 involved the girls going shopping at the Outlets (a must while in Park City), while Scott took Tyson on the Alpine Slide (another must). And later that evening, we stopped by my aunt and uncles house with all my cousins there to eat, play, and set off fireworks. Happy 4th of July!Tyson thought the fireworks were pretty cool and would shout out all the colors he would see.
Day 4 consisted of really swollen feet and ankles...and our return trip home. My brother Mike, sister Kristin, me, and brother Steven the morning we left. Next time I'll open my eyes.
We had a ton of fun and were completely exhausted afterwards. Thanks Mom and Dad for setting the whole thing up!!
In other news: I'm less than 7 weeks away from delivery date (I'm planning on being induced a week early, hopefully on the 26th of August) and can't believe this second half of pregnancy has gone by so fast. And no, we still have no name ideas for this little girl (well any that we can agree on). So feel free to shout some out to us!