Monday, January 11, 2010

Christmas and Grandma

Christmas this year was spent with the Howard side of the family. It consisted of 26 children and adults and made for a fun and crazy time. Christmas Eve, we attempted to go sledding with Tyson and the other cousins, but he didn't like being so buddled up (not good when we currently live in a climate where it dips in the negatives frequently). We couldn't get his snow boots on and once there, he decided that he couldn't do much with those mittens on. He hated having cold hands, but hated having gloves on more. It was a lose-lose situation for us. So before we made a quick exit, Scott tried to go sledding with him. He cried all the way up and all the way down. He trying to play on the playground here without much success. Christmas morning... Tyson peeking down on all the presents
Tyson had a hard time adjusting to the noise and chaos of a house full of people. So once downstairs, we had to really coax him into the room with his presents in it. Once distracted, he loved it!
If we look tired, its because we are! While the boys went out skiiing (a Howard Christmas tradition) I headed over to my aunts and uncle's house (and saw my grandparents and cousins and other aunts). Tyson loved this hat and kept it on for quite a while. Having a little guy around sure makes Christmas so much fun.

On a sadder note:
In Memory of Frances Ruth Evans
(picture taken at Christmas 3 years ago)

On Christmas morning, my dear grandmother, Frances Ruth Evans, passed away after a long battle with Alzheimers. She was 81 years old. I admire how my grandpa took on the challenges of caring for her and loved her deeply. Growing up near their home in Arizona, we were very close. I remember many sleepovers with sour dough pancakes and homemade maple syrup, pool parties and barbeques, card games around the kitchen table, and painting with her. This is my first grandparent to pass away and it was really hard. She truly was a smart, beautiful, talented woman who always exhibited such poise and grace. She was fun and witty and boy did she know how to have a party! While Scott drove back to Omaha, I flew with Tyson to Arizona to attend her funeral. It was a beautiful day and I was so glad to have been there. It has been difficult watching her slowly leave us mentally and though her passing is hard and we will miss her dearly, we know that we will see her again perfect and whole!

My family (missing Kristin) at the luncheon after her funeral.