Monday, June 30, 2008


I think I've tried to avoid the inevitable long enough. I have now been tagged twice (thanks to, you know who you are)! Luckily they were the same tag. So here we go.

3 Joys:
1. My little family, Scott and Tyson. They are both so easy going and make me happy. Scott just lets me be who I am...crazy! I also love to dress them both!
2. didn't used to be that way, but I love to go by myself and just window shop, decorating my house in my head.
3. Decorating my house for holidays

3 Fears
1. Losing my family or something/someone harming them.
2. I'm so afraid of being attacked while I'm alone ...I know, I'm being kind of a Debbie Downer, but people are scary sometimes.
3. Cockroaches..can't stand them! It probably stems from my dad holding dead ones above my head to get me out of bed on Saturday mornings! Thanks dad.

3 Goals
1. Get back to volleyball weight..those were some good days!
2. Work on playing the piano more (learn some new tunes)
3. Be a better Suzie Homemaker! I want to learn some new recipes and organize my meals for the week so I don't have to make a quick run to the store to get the ingredients every day. It wasn't so bad pre-baby but those "quick trips" are not so quick or easy anymore! I also would love to sew. I can hear my mom saying, "I told you so," right now!

3 Obssessions
1. Reading. I love it. I stay up late just reading.
2. Driving by my not-yet-built house everyday just to see what they've done that day. (Sadly, all they've done is clear the land, but it doesn't stop me from hoping or driving by)
3. Blogging

3 Surprising or Random facts
1. I hate folding laudry. I'll put it in, but I hate to fold. I think its because my hands feel so dry afterwards.
2. I hit a cow and totaled my car when I was in high school.
3. I fell off a horse while riding at my friend, Jackie's house two weeks before I was to start college volleyball practice my junior year. I didn't tell my coach until we secretly put in the tape of it instead of our yoga tape we were supposed to do. There's 2 facts in one. I'm a bit clumsy and I like to pull pranks.

There...I did it and I survived! I won't tag anyone else because pretty much everyone else on my list has been tagged already.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

First Swim!

Okay...I guess you can't call it swimming if both baby and mom don't get in past their knees. Maybe a proper title should be "First Attempt." We got Tyson all ready, sprayed him down with sunscreen (which he hated) and took him to the pool in our complex. This was a gutsy move by me as this being my first time in a swimsuit after Tyson was born and making my appearance in public. I'm posting the picture too, although I'm trying to use him as a human shield (thanks for the tip McKelle). Anyways, I dipped Tyson's feet in the pool and he yanked them back out a couple times. I let them stay in for a bit longer and he started to cry. Frankly, I'm glad he didn't like it because it was too cold for me, and I could use him as my excuse to get out. Needless to say, this whole trip last 5 minutes and I wasted a perfectly good swim diaper. We'll have to try again later because I love his chubs in his swimsuit and he looks so cute in his swim towel!
Please ignore the pasty white bodies of both mom and baby!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Noisy "Nap" Time

This kid drives me crazy sometimes. I will get him to sleep, lay him in his crib, and all of the sudden he's awake again. On this particular day, he just was up making lots of noises. It was as if he was giving me a list of excuses why he shouldn't have to take a nap. It should be great when he is old enough to actually talk. Can't wait to hear what comes out!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Bathtub dilemma

Tyson is quickly outgrowing his bathtub. Lengthwise and width wise. I'm afraid to to put him in the big tub, since he can't sit up. Poor kid gets cold because he knocks all the water out! I was hoping we would get more use out of this tub, but I guess when your child is baby King Kong, you have to make due with what ya got. Yes folks, we just barely turned 4 months old and we love him to pieces!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Tornado Warning!

Oh my goodness! We have not even been in Nebraska a week and we've already had two tornado sirens go off. Okay, so the first we slept through but that still counts! Last night a huge storm came in with big dark clouds and sure enough the siren goes off. (We were right in the middle of making dinner). I go outside because I wanted to see what other people in the complex were going to do. There were some others out on their balconey's watching the storm. Scott just wanted to get in the bathtub and stay in for the night, but I started seeing families head down to the tornado shelter in our complex with blankets and bags. As it starts getting really rainy, windy,and dark, I figured my husband has only been here a short time and these people live in Nebraska full time so I'm gonna follow them. No offense hun. We grabbed some things for the diaper bag and a blanket, put Tyson in his car seat and go. It was quite an experience being in that shelter. It was wet and smelled bad. I found that my complex has some pretty interesting, if not redneckish, people in it. I figure none of them read my blog so it's okay. We were there for about an hour (spending our time thinking how we should have brought camping chairs..oh well), listening to the sirens go off and then back on and then off and on. Finally we decide it's safe to leave, mostly because other people were leaving too. Once we get home, the siren goes on again and so we sit in the bathtub and end up having Spaghettios for dinner. I love Nebraska.
Inside the shelter

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Cliffhanger and Catch up

So I left you all hanging after our little mishap in Wyoming. We made it safely here to Nebraska at about 9:30 at night. About 8 or 9 men from our ward's Elder's Quorum (bless their hearts) were here waiting for us in about 90% humidity. They were able to unload our truck in about an hour! We were up until about 1:30 that morning putting beds together and getting a little organized. Needless to say, we were exhausted! The next day at church, people were talking about a storm that hit. Apparently, the tornado warning alarm had gone off around 2:30 and a huge storm came through with a tornado touching down about 10 miles from where we live. Scott, his brother, me, and Tyson slept through the whole thing! Oops! People in the ward had to go to their basements. Not us, we like our beds on the second floor. Here are some pictures from the past couple weeks that I missed as well as some from our move!

Memorial Day had miserable weather and my extended family wanted to have a picnic outside. It was freezing and wet and we were huddled up in blankets. Isn't my grandpa cute?

It was much better once we got to go inside and warm up. Thanks to my Aunt and Uncle Turner for letting us invade their house! While inside Tyson got to hang out with my cousin Marissa's twins. They are 2 months older than him (he's in the middle). What a big dude!

My mom came up from Arizona to help me pack and watch Tyson while I finished teaching school. It was no easy task, but she did awesome! I needed her in a big way and she saved me lots of stress. Thanks mom! Here is Tyson resting on her (she didn't want to be in the picture, but she dressed Tyson so cute that day that I had to take a pic).

Lastly, Here are some pics from moving day. Thanks to all who helped.
Don't pack Tyson!

Scott's dad is an expert packer. We were sure glad to have him there organizing things. It was a pretty tight fit. (That was the first packing job. It looked totally different after the U-haul people had to load it to a new truck.)

Our family right before we left. I hate to admit it, but I'm really gonna miss this place. It's been good to us and we loved the people here. Good-bye Orem, Hello Omaha!

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Crisis Living!

Greetings from Laramie! You may be asking yourself, "Why is she in Laramie?" Trust me, I'm not too fond of being here either. It has been a long time since I've blogged and that's because my husband moved to Nebraska two weeks ago and took his computer with him. I've been so out of the loop! Scott came back late Thursday night and we packed our huge U-Haul Friday morning and headed out to begin our adventure in Nebraska. Scott's brother, Sean was driving the U-Haul for us and we drove our car with the baby. Well, to make a long story short, our U-Haul died somewhere in between Rawlins, Wyoming and Laramie. The U-haul died going up a hill. Scott got out of our car and went back to check with Sean about what was the problem and the baby is crying so I jump in the back to feed him. I look out the back window and all I see is the U-Haul rolling back down the hill (luckily it was on the shoulder of the road). It was a little bit scary, not being able to do anything and not being able to call him. All was well as the truck settled at the bottom of the hill. I drove back around the highway to get them. We waited an hour on the side of the highway in the rain for the "wrecker" to come get us and tow us away. Now back to being in a Laramie hotel. The shop was closed last night as it was 10:00 before we got there. So it is Saturday morning and we are waiting for the U-Haul people to move all of our nicely packed and organized stuff into a new U-Haul. It probably won't be until at least noon until we get out of here. We were making such great time too! Not anymore. We probably won't be able to get there until 9:00 or so. Anyways, I'll have to update the blog later with pictures. But I thought this was too good not to post! My mom calls my life, crisis living, as everything always turns out harder than it needs to be!