Sunday, January 8, 2012

Family Christmas

Christmas Eve and morning were spent here in our home. It was fun to have just our family together to create new traditions.  Here are the kids gathered at our Christmas Eve dinner!
It was so fun seeing Tyson come down the stairs that morning. I loved how he paused at the top of the stairs for a picture when he thought I wanted one.  When he came into our room that morning, I think he had forgotten that it was Christmas and once I reminded him, he was ready to go!  He had asked for a racetrack and was so excited that Santa delivered.  The day before Tyson had made a sticker picture and wanted to leave it to show Santa.  I asked him if Santa could take it and if we should leave a note for him.  All he wanted to say was:  "Just Look, Santa" (meaning...don't take my picture!)
Camille got some baby doll things and some dress-up shoes, hoping she'll leave mine in the closet from now on.  This girl loves to wear necklaces and shoes!  She's trying them on here...and also testing out the doll play pen, which she's convinced is just for her.

Christmas morning we had yummy french toast and sausage and enjoyed playing with our toys until church, which wasn't until 3:00.  
 The next morning we headed off to Utah.  We stayed through New Year's and had a really great time with Scott's family. We played lots of late night games, played volleyball, I snuck in some after Christmas sale shopping, and the kids just played and played with their cousins! I hardly saw Tyson!  Here is Scott, his Dad and older brother enjoying the BYU bowl game (of course).
Grandma Howard had bought all her granddaughters the same adorable dress and we knew we had to get a picture with her! Camille was not too thrilled about the idea of pictures at the moment although she looked darling!
I just realized that I am not in a single one of these pictures! I promise I was there making it all happen! :)

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Finally I was able to publish one song from Tyson's preschool Christmas program.  The quality of my video is not great but I love how he was trying to make the girl beside him feel better. Enjoy!