Tuesday, April 28, 2009

With a Quack Quack here...

I know the title doesn't really fit but it's all I could think of. Sometimes that's the hardest part of the blog. Anyway, Tyson and I went to the zoo with some friends last week. It was in the 80's and was a great day to be outside. We spent some time in the aviary under a gazebo type thing and it felt so nice in the shade. Tyson loved being able to walk around and got very dirty doing it because he has a harder time walking in shoes. Poor kid, has feet like Fred Flinstone and can't fit in very many shoes that are made for new walkers. He is quickly growing out of a size 5! We had lunch there and another mom we didn't know came and was also feeding her 2 boys. Sure enough, Tyson thought what they had was better than what he was getting, so he started to grab food from their little bowl of Trix cereal. Other snacks are so much better than your own. Some fell on the floor and he made sure to clean up the mess! I let him. Oh well. This one picture I got was when he took his bag of fishy crackers and sat on the bridge to eat them. Or fell down and decided it was too much work to get back up again and was content to finish the bag right there. He did find out how to stuff the crackers between the railings on the bridge. Some birds eat fish, right? We didn't see too many animals this trip, but I bought a season pass, so we'll be going back. His favorite animals were the ducks. If I'd have known that I would have taken him to the local pond. We also saw some goats in the petting farm that he didn't know what to think of and tried to follow into their home. We also had Tyson's 1 year pictures taken (just 2 months late). He was a busy little squirt and it was hard to catch him still for more than a few seconds. I can't complain too much because he was a happy little guy.My little cutie pie!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Fun in the Sun!

This past week, I found some cheap tickets and headed to California for my cousin's wedding. It was an added bonus that my parents, brother and sister and their families were there too.
Tyson and his grandpa. Tyson is now walking these days. Slow but steady.
Grandpa Turner and the 5 boys. My sister and I showed up at the wedding wearing the exact same style shirt, just different patterns. She and I both got them at Kohl's without knowing the other one did. I guess you can tell we are sisters when we buy the same outfit even though we're many states away. We felt like the Bobsy twins.

On Saturday we went to the beach. Tyson loved the water even though it was so cold. He especially loved the mud and would pick it up and throw it or put it in his mouth.
More of all the grandboys. He kept wanting to walk further and further into the water! After leaving Newport area, I drove back to Bakersfield with my sister for a few days. I also had the chance to spend the evening with Mike, Susanne and Easton and stayed up way to late laughing. Luke, who is my sister's youngest and 6 months older than Tyson, had a love-hate relationship. This is one of the few times they would actually sit next to each other. Tyson liked Luke alright, but every time Tyson would come near, Little Luke would scowl at him and say, "No, no, no." He even said that to tyson, while he was asleep in his carseat while driving. By our last day there, I guess Tyson had had enough of this treatment and bit Luke on the arm. I don't even know where it came from. They weren't fighting or anything, just sitting there. I guess Luke's arm looked like a tasty chicken wing. I do hope that behavior won't continue. Random. Sorry little Lukey!
Austin however, loved Tyson and was always curious about what he was doing. He was my little buddy too. In this next picture they look about the same size (they're really not though).

It was a very fun trip...Thanks for putting me up Kristin!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Cheek update

Our little man is doing much better these days. His face started going down the very next day and by yesterday, I would say it was back to normal. What a random thing to happen! The doctor said sometimes it can turn into a reoccuring thing. Let's hope not, but now I'll know what it is if it does. I know his cheeks may still look swollen to some, but trust me, that's just his normal extra cute, extra chubby cheeks!As a side note he is starting to say a few words. Mama and Dad, ball, dog, car, wow, bottle (baba), banana (nana) and my personal favorite, cracker. This morning I was laying on the couch and he was playing with his books and he then crawls over to me, stands up right in front of my face and says "cracker." So I asked him if he wanted a cracker and he gets so excited, laughs and starts saying it over and over again. He knows what he wants I guess and enjoys being able to communicate that with me. Walking still eludes him. I think it will be sometime soon because he is taking quite a few steps but stills uses crawling as his main mode of transportation.