Tuesday, June 19, 2012

We're back in business...

Life has been a little crazy recently! That with my camera acting funny during all of April, I have not sat down to update the blog.  So now with a new camera and a few minutes of quiet nap time, I thought I'd post a few pics and "catch up" on life itself. Back in March, Scott started applying for jobs.  We Love Omaha and weren't itching to leave just yet, but felt Scott needed to apply elsewhere for more job opportunities and better now before Tyson was in school. Our original goal was to get closer to home (Utah and Arizona).  He applied for a couple jobs near those areas and USAA called and said they wanted him to apply for a job at their headquarters in San Antonio instead of the smaller branch in AZ. "Sure, why not?" was our thought.  Turns out to be a great job which he accepted and will start July 9th!  Yikes! So our house is listed and they'll be relocating us (which means no packing for me)!  But I hate having that For Sale sign outside our house.  Makes it all too real. We head out to a family reunion this week and then fly straight to Texas to go house hunting. Then we'll come back for a day or 2 before Scott leaves to start his job. If I thought the past couple months were crazy, I have a feeling it was only the tip of the iceberg.

Anyhow...on to the kids! Here is our sweet girl back at an Easter event put on by Scott's work. Love those blue eyes!

Tyson got a super cool ballon hat! One lucky guy!

We ventured out to the zoo before my pass expired and rode the sky-fari across the park.  I believe Camille enjoyed it more than she looks.

In front of the zebras. Tyson is posing like an elephant I believe.  Who knows for sure.

Our local grocery store had an easter egg hunt which Tyson thought he dominated.

And then we did one a small hunt one at our house too. It was hard tearing those candy-filled eggs away from Camille.  She has a sugar tooth just like her Mama!

That finishes off April at least.  I'll get working on May...there are a lot more pictures!