Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Lessons Learned During FHE

During a family night lesson the other evening, we were going over some of the pictures of Christ in our picture book. One of the first pages we turn to is Jesus walking on the water. I explain to him what's happening in the picture to which he quickly replies, "Silly Jesus." I wish I could explain the tone of voice he said it in. Almost like a "that's ridiculous" type intonation.

We move on and get to a picture where Christ is reaching out to the children and we are explaining that He is nice to everyone and loves them and is so soft when He touches them. To which Tyson interprets and says, "We don't hit Jesus." Can you tell we often talk about being soft when we play?

His attention span was actually a lot longer than normal. Especially during the prayer which we mentioned before hand that there was ice cream pie for a treat. Never have I seen that child sit so still. It sure is a funny age and fun to watch him try and put his thoughts together as he speaks.
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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Tyson's way of eating a cupcake. No hands, just dive down and get it with your mouth.And save some for leftovers...
We moved Tyson into a big bed about a month ago. Scott's parents brought out their extra long bunk beds from when Scott was little. I guess they think Tyson will need an extra long twin in the future:) It sits pretty low to the ground and we've only found him sleeping on the floor a couple times. However he does love his new found freedom in the mornings. Early mornings. Like 5:30-6:00 early mornings. Now if you know me at all, I am not a morning person. So this has been an adjustment for all of us. We are trying different things to keep him in bed longer.

On this particular morning we went to the splash park down the street from our house. Stayed about 10 minutes before Tyson wanted to go home. Total waste of a swim diaper. After getting home, I went up to get his clothes and came down to find him totally zonked. And this is before noon!

He a white little boy alright. We could've used that sun today!