Thursday, September 25, 2008


This is for my mom and sister. We are having a shirt dilemma. Here are the sweaters, the first picture is the 18 months on and the second is the 24 month one. The sleeves are a little big on the 24 month sweater, but its not too long. The neck is a little big but do-able with a shirt underneath. I don't care what we do. If you don't even like the sweater that's fine too. Tyson drooled down the first one, and ripped off the tag, so I might have to keep that one anyways. He was intrigued with the dangling tags so I didn't get one shot of him looking at the camera!

Sorry for the random post!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Almost done!

Lots of people have asked how our house is coming along. I've been terrible about taking pictures of it and updating. I drove by today and took a picture and then walked to the park near our house and stopped to push Tyson in a swing. They should be doing drywall next week and they gave us the closing date so far of November 12 which I'm so excited about. We've been kind of cramped here and have been infested by bugs, I think from the cockroach family. I had a visitor in my bed recently. Gross! Anyways, here are pictures of our house now and Tyson sporting some killer shades. He seriously is the happiest baby. He's learning to play by himself more now that he can sit up and he is just all smiles most of the day.

Yesterday I got to go and pick out the color of our cabinets, countertops, carpet and linoleum. It was so fun! Scott let me go by myself, because after 4 years of marriage, he's learned his opinion doesn't matter much when it comes to decorating and because he trusts I won't turn our house into a crazy looking place. It's probably not a very good picture but this will be our flooring and carpet and the little square is our countertops.

We have enjoyed Omaha so far and it's been a fairly easy transition. Our ward has been great. We've been invited over to different family's homes for dinner or games. They are just so friendly and outgoing here which is great. Fall is soon approaching and that means winter. I seriously get a pit in the bottom of my stomach when I think about it. It's going to be so one has told me otherwise, they just tell me its really bad. I think I may become a hermit in the winter months. Oh well.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


I haven't been able to get a picture of Tyson's teeth when he smiles because his tongue gets in the way. I usually can see it when he is crying or whining, so here is where this picture comes in! Not too cute, but he's got teeth!
Another shot of Tyson and his bed head mohawk!

Monday, September 8, 2008


Big boy! Sitting up all by himself. I'm so glad he can better entertain himself now. I think he's also stretching out and so looking a little thinner! Maybe.

Caught him on his way down, but look at that smile!

I went to check on Tyson during his nap and this is what I found. Look at that bubble butt and those rolls on those thunder thighs. Maybe I take back what I said previously about looking thinner. He loves his little fleece blanket, but maybe its not such a good ides in the crib anymore. I can't believe he can sleep like that!

I forgot to mention he has his two bottom teeth! Too bad his tongue is in the way of seeing them!