Tuesday, November 18, 2008

9 months

Watch out everyone...hide your children and your loved ones....King Kong is coming your way!! Tyson's 9 month appointment was today. He weighs a whopping 27 lbs. and is 33 inches long! Way to go buddy! I'm going to get really buff hauling you up and down the stairs! You'll show those cousins of yours what's up in a couple days when you see them. We are so excited for our upcoming Utah trip.

Thursday, November 13, 2008


We closed on our home yesterday! I was so excited all morning and couldn't wait until the walk through. It doesn't really feel like its ours..mostly because I'm still in my stupid apartment as we speak! We're trying to shuttle all our boxes over between now and Saturday and then move the big stuff that morning. Which includes our bed. I just want to sleep in our new home already and I'm seriously tempted to just put the blow up mattress on the floor.

Here were are laying on our new carpet. Scott was good to comply with all my strange picture requests. I still need to take our family shot on the outside of the home, but it's been rainy and muddy outside.
Sitting in front of the fireplace.
In the cubby hole above the fireplace. Our new kitchen. I love Tyson's huge smile in this one.

Tyson has been doing this funny, cheesy face thing where he smiles, scrunches up his nose, squints his eyes, breathes through his nose. It makes me laugh. His two top teeth are also coming in. They seem big...not that anything on this kid is small. Scott and I are already worrying that he'll get either of his parents bad teeth genes.
Tyson is not crawling as of yet, but he can get up on his knees and rock back and forth. Then he just falls flat on his stomach. Kind of like a belly flop. Hey...don't judge him...its hard to get that 25 poundish body moving.

Friday, November 7, 2008


You can take the girl out of Ute country but you can't take the Ute out of the girl! Last night we were "watching" the Ute game vs. TCU. We don't have cable, so the best we could do was pull up the radio website to listen to the game and then watch this gametracker thing from ESPN.com that shows where the ball is after each play. Nothing high tech. I didn't think I'd be that into it, but old loyalties die hard! Scott was laughing at me at how into this game I was. For those of you who don't know or care about this game, just humor me as I explain it to you! Utah was 9-0 prior to this game. Also, (sorry BYU fans) TCU beat BYU, so a lot was at stake. It was a nail biter and I'm glad it came out in the Utes favor! Check out the countdown at the right for the next big game! Ignore the cute pajamas. Hey mom, at least they match!

I took out the picture of my victory dance. Not so cute.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween Re-cap

We were going to try to meet up with some of the members in our new neigborhood while they took their kids around trick-or-treating and we'd just push Tyson around in a stroller, but we missed them, so we just checked our house (it has sod!). We didn't want to go home just yet, plus Tyson was in his costume, so...we decided to go to Wal-mart. Scott didn't want to leave Tyson in his costume and I did, so we compromised and kept him in his costume! :) That's where these pictures come in. I didn't get pictures of Tyson trick-or-treating but I did get him in a shopping cart at Wal-mart!! Cute little monkey.
Notice how the pants and arm sleeves are all too short. Does he belong to our family or what? Poor guy. This is only the beginning for you!
The little Wal-mart greeters at the exit loved Tyson. These cute little old ladies were oohing and ahhing over him. They even took a picture of him and of course gave them their signature smiley face sticker right on his belly. Classic. Maybe we should have stayed home and passed out candy instead.
Hope everyone had a fun Halloween!