Friday, May 29, 2009

Check-up time

Tyson had his 15 month check-up today and the results are in: Weight- 33 lbs. Height- 35 1/2 inches. He is doing fine on everything else, just on a much larger scale than most! He is starting to repeat lots of words and has got lots of animal noises down. The other day, he was going through our DVD's (aka...pulling them all out) and he had "The Testaments" video out and he points and says, "Jesus." I was just beaming with pride, thinking he was so smart, while giving him lots of praise, until he pulls the next DVD out, points to Chris Tucker on the cover of Rush Hour and says, "Jesus." Guess we'll have to work on that one some more.
Anyways, we finished the tree ring that I talked about in our last post. Tyson was a big help as you can see. As we were stacking the bricks, he climbed right in the middle of it and starts throwing the soil and mulch out of it. He thought it was a grand ole time.
He also likes to climb on our kitchen chairs (and then on the table), our ottoman, and his newest find, into the cooler which I had out. That kept him entertained for about 20 minutes which is a long span of time!
We also took a trip to the zoo last week. They have a really cool jungle area with lots of animals close by to see. He liked the monkeys and would keep making the "aah, aah" monkey noise.
And this last picture just because I love his fat thighs and legs in those cute pajama shorts. They kept getting wedged up between his thighs and his diaper.

Sunday, May 24, 2009


Happy Anniversary! Scott and I just celebrated 5 years of marriage this past Friday! It was so fun to go on a real date with dinner and shopping and no Tyson. It has been a long time since Scott and I have done that and now I hope we'll be doing more of it! He also took the day off of work and we got to spend a fun morning at the zoo with Tyson. I also talked him into another home improvement project (putting a retaining wall around our tree in the front...not done yet, but we bought the supplies, so that's a start) Poor guy..never stood a chance! But he's lasted 5 years and has put up with all my crazy ideas thus far! Thanks for a great 5 years, Scott. I love you!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

All work and some play!

Happy Mother's Day! Here's what happened when mom took the day off of feeding Tyson lunch....
He improvises and it's off to the bath. (It's a yogurt and he can't get his hand in there and can't figure out how to totally work the spoon, so he's trying to drink it out.) This kid is a funny one and there are many times a day where he makes me laugh and a few times that drive me crazy. But I do love being a mom and I'm sure glad and thankful he's mine! I sure do have more of an appreciation for my own mother. Thanks mom and Happy Mother's Day!

We've been trying to get a lot of work done around the house lately, especially while the weathers nice, and I thought I'd share some of what we've done (only a select few have even shown interest, so it'll be boring for the rest!)We had to invest in a lawn mower. Looks like this is what Scott will be doing every Saturday. Lucky him!
Tyson is all boy. He loves being outside and especially finding this little dirt patch in our front yard. He loves sitting in it, playing with it, and yes, even eating it, and will cry when I bring him in the house. He loves going for walks and just being out back walking around in the grass. Maybe I'll be lucky and get some sun while being out there with him.

Below is the same dirt patch after we finally put flowers and shrubs in it! There's 2 shrubs in the back that are supposed to grow 3 feet tall (cross our fingers) and another bush that will blossom with flowers. Yay! I couldn't decide on other perennials to also put in it this year. It's such a commitment to plant flowers that will grow back over and over, so I just planted annuals this time around. They look small, and they are, but I'm hoping they will grow or I'll feel really bad about my first experience "gardening." The very first row, after planting them, I found out are actually shade plants and this part gets lots of sun, so I don't expect they will survive the summer. Oops!And last, here are some curtains I made to go over my kitchen sink (I scanned up so you can't see the dirty dishes). They actually weren't to hard to make. It's been fun being busy with the house. I'm not sure Scott enjoys it all that much but I sure am. My list is not done yet for him!