Monday, June 29, 2009

My Ty

Things have been quite a bit slower this past week and so not much to blog about. So I thought I'd just post some random pictures of Tyson. He is one funny kid and its definitely fun to see his personality take shape. He's a pretty happy boy the majority of the time. He just like to be on the go, as evidenced by this picture... (He still likes to suck on his blankets when he's tired...I know it looks funny)
We were on a walk outside and he bent down to play with his shoes and just got a little top heavy and smacked his face on the sidewalk. I wish it was due to something a little more athletic but alas, he's only got the clumsy genes so far.

He had a big bruise on his forehead last Sunday at church because he tripped on a rug and banged his head against the window frame part on the church door. He was a nasty bruise that showed up right away. Then this week for church we took him looking like this! Please people..don't turn us in!

Speaking of church, we are on a countdown to nursery (about 7 weeks but I think I'll start sending around week 5 or 6)! I'm sure most of you know the feeling. We put him in there for a little bit on Sunday (I was teaching my sunday school class and Scott needed to play the piano in primary) and when Scott peeked in, Tyson was just chowing down on all the snacks. Go figure. Nursery should be no problem for this boy. Toys and Food = Tyson's best friends.

A few weeks ago, Tyson came out of the bathroom (its right around the corner there, by our front door) with a long stream of toilet paper trailing behind him. It came all the way out to our living room. I tell ya, this little man keeps me on my toes.

(I commend you Rissa for having 2 at this age!!)

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Scott and I were called to be Trek parents back in April I believe. We were excited to go and it took a lot of preparation. It was this past weekend and I have lots of pictures but decided to post them on a new blog so that all of our "kids" could see them. I figured you may not want to go through them all. However, I'll put the link up so that you can see them if you want. My parents came up from Arizona so that they could watch Tyson for us, which gave me a lot of comfort while we were away. The separation was not easy, but we could secretly take our cell phones to check up on him. He was a happy boy and did just fine! Thank you so much Mom and Dad!! Besides watching Tyson, they helped paint a room, stained a shelf and hung it in Tyson's room, hung many more things around the house. My mom helped me make a flower arrangement to go in the alcove above the fireplace and designed a collage of pictures to hang on my bare wall! She also helped me re-arrange some items on my kitchen planter shelves which gave it much better flow. When are you next available to come out mom and dad??

Before the trek...I know what you are thinking...and it has something to do with being super jealous of our clothes! Starting out the trek with our kids

Enduring lots and lots of rain and lots and lots of mud. I've never been so muddy, dirty, and wet in my whole life!
Our group of kids on the last day and our poor banner that was tied to the back of our cart. Our name was the "Stormin' Mormons."

It was such a fun experience and I'm glad we had the chance to go. We grew a lot in many different ways. I'd definitely go back and do it all again in a heartbeat!

Click here to go to our Stormin' Mormon blog to view all the pictures and read a more detailed account of what happened on our trek.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009