Tuesday, April 26, 2011

4 posts in 2 days! Hopefully I've made up for almost a 2 month absence!

Easter weekend

We had an Easter Egg hunt with friends and it was quite enjoyable to watch Tyson run around looking for eggs. When he discovered the first egg had goodies inside, I had to encourage him to keep finding more instead of eating it right away. He got the hang of it quickly. Seems to be a common trend every year. When he promptly assessed that there were no more eggs to be found, he made his way inside and started eating. It took us awhile to figure out where he went (he was the only kid back inside chilling on the couch).

Easter morning he recieved his basket and was excited about everything. Its easy to please a 3 year old. He was especially thrilled about a dinosaur shirt his grandma gave him that he's worn for bed and daytime for 2 days straight.

And Camille is always happy to be along for ride.

It was fun getting them ready for church in their Easter outfits. The weather was great, one of the better ones we've had all April!Tyson is chewing on a piece of grass looking pensive and thoughtful, but who knows what's really going on in that head of his.But he did pull out a really cute GQ shot. I loved his little man outfit!Took awhile to get the best lighting and sibling shot (I'm catching Camille mid-dive off the porch) But its worth it when you get a good shot like this! And one like this...(Scott promised a jelly bean for a huge grin)

Almost a perfect shot with just Camille looking away but that's hard to get on a self-timer. We enjoyed a wonderful Sunday together celebrating our Savior's life and are truly grateful for our many blessings. Happy Easter!

Monday, April 25, 2011


My sister and I flew in for a birthday weekend with mom! We kept it a complete surprise and just showed up at her house late at night (with the help of my dad, brother, and sister-in-law to make it work and lie through their teeth)! Here we are outside the house at nearly 11pm getting ready to knock on the door (poor Camille was almost done by that point but was a trooper). We are a little over the top I know but that's what makes it fun! Camille's shirt had an exclamation point on it and the back of our shirts said, "Party Time!"With the Birthday Girl! She loved it...of course! :)And just because you need one more shot of us being crazy! Can you tell we were free and ready for a much needed fun weekend! Dinner was spent at Macayo's with the family!My Grandpa Evans and my birthday buddy! We hit store after store and shopped like we'd never shopped before! Grandma was great to watch the 2 babies while we hit the fitting rooms! (It was fun to put Camille in shorts because it was in the 80's and 90's there...something we have yet to hit here!)Camille loved Graham..the feeling wasn't quite reciprocated just yet, probably because she mauled him, but I'm sure it will be in a few months. Learning to get along! So glad they are only 3 months apart and will be fun cousins later. Luckily we remembered right before we flew out to get a picture of us all together!

It was such a fun trip with all these girls! Already thinking about how we can do it again (although I'm not sure Scott would want to hear that...he was home with Tyson)

Kristin and I left about the same time at the airport and our gates were only 4 away from each so we got to hang out a little longer together. We think we are pretty funny sometimes. Me and my girl enjoying our girl's weekend!
Thank you Scott for letting me go on this fun excursion and keeping Tyson so happy here at home. Everytime I called they were doing something fun together! And thanks mom for being such a great sport! Happy Birthday!

A Career in Golf??

Arnold Palmer, Phil Mickelson, Tiger Woods, all had to start somewhere right? That's what I keep telling myself while watching Tyson in his golf class. That, and "Breathe, Kim, breathe." Our local community center had a tot (3-5) golf class and I thought we'd give it a go as his first "organized" sporting activity. He does good for the first twenty minutes (its 45 min. long) before he comes over looking for a snack in my purse. He likes to tell me everything he is doing or repeat to me what the instructor has told him to do. Its just a special time. This was actually one of his first shots where he did pretty good. He's coming to tell me what he just did and then it goes downhill from there... Here, he's investigating/reading what's on the flag. Hey, its important to know what you are putting to!And last but not least... he is doing snow angels on the gym floor. There are no words. It's probably best Scott can't witness this in person or else he might have a heart attack.
To give him credit, he is a young 3 year old and its right during his naptime. We have one more class tomorrow and I'll have to catch some more pictures and video to share. I do have a great time watching him and its hard to not get too involved, but that's the beauty of letting them learn for themselves, right?

Bonding Buddies

I dreaded the day when I would have to push these huge carts around the grocery store. But Tyson loves them and it keeps him happy during the trips, so I guess I will just have to perfect my wide turns and try not to clip too many food stands as we cruise around the store. It's great that we can get 2 baths done at the same time now! Camille loves the company of her big brother everywhere she goes! Enjoying the one day of warm weather and green grass outside...I'm so glad these 2 can be buddies. Tyson enjoys having Camille around, except when she pulls his hair and gets him wet (drools on him). He loves giving her shoulder rides, going to see her in her crib when she wakes up, and making her laugh.