Thursday, October 30, 2008

Big boy chair!

I've been feeding Tyson in his bouncy seat for the past while simply because there was no room in our small apartment for a high chair. He started not eating his food as well so action finally had to be taken. Poor guy. I've debated about whether or not to get a full blown high chair since I hate how much room they take up and found this little booster seat that can change settings as they grow. He loves it! And he looks like such a big boy!
It's fun to watch him chase around his Cheerios.
I got him one of those Biter Biscuits things and stripped him down knowing what a mess they could make and I'm glad I did. I don't know if you can fully see how covered he is in a drooly grainy cookie mess, but he loved it. No surprise there. This kid didn't get this big not liking food!

This face says, "What mom? Don't mind the big crumbs dripping down my chest, all over my diaper and blanket, and in my thigh rolls."
His two top teeth are starting to poke through too. We love teething time!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Pumpkin Patch...

There's a great pumpkin patch here in Omaha..actually Gretna, Nebraska and we got a good deal on tickets from Scott's work. It's a pretty big production (similar to Cornbelly's at Thanksgiving Point but bigger). Saturday was a fairly nice day (60 deg) so we decided to take advantage of it because I think it might be the last for awhile. I've always loved to go to pumpkin patches and of course it provided some good photo ops for Tyson. I totally forgot to bring Tyson a jacket (I know bad mom), but we had lots of blankets, his gloves, and hat that hopefully kept him warm enough. We didn't stay too long, but got to see pig races and some animals that Tyson didn't know what to think of. We are excited to go next year when he will be able to enjoy it a little more. Scott was good to let me take lots of pictures. My camera wasn't working at the beginning when the light was better and I was so sad, but after working (and stressing) with it for awhile, we got some pictures and I was a much more pleasant person.

Tyson thought these pumpkin things were pretty interesting.

He's pretty tall!
He mostly enjoyed eating the steering wheel of this old tractor. I didn't think I was in the picture as you can tell by the way I'm avoiding the camera.
Enjoying the pig races.
His hand looks like a catchers mitt in this one..its so big!
This was the face as we were loading him in the car. He was done!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Little Wiggler

Tyson is one funny kid. I don't know if what he does is normal or not, because he's my first, but he is constantly moving his feet and hands around in circles. I think it's just too funny. He does it when playing with a favorite toy, or while in a shopping cart, and especially when reading his favorite books. He loves listening to stories and looking at the pictures, and I think we've almost got him trained not to try to eat the books. So here is just a short video of my little guy wiggling his feet around in circles. You'd think he'd have skinnier feet or ankles by now, but not really. He is busy rolling around and trying really hard to grab things out of his reach. I call him my little busy body because he must try and lunge for anything everything new he sees. Oh...and he's 8 months old today! So big!

Sorry for the lack of posts (Kristin). Our internet hasn't been working and it randomly worked on a rare evening, so I made a quick post.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

One cute 7 month old!

So I've been feeling so out of the loop these past few days with our internet down. I'm here at the library for a much needed night out. I know, I go crazy when I'm free. Anyways, here are some cute pics we had done of Tyson recently. We made an appointment for last Saturday and we sat for an hour at the photo place. When we finally asked when we were up, they said they had us down for a no show and so we were skipped. Tyson had had it by then so we just rescheduled for another time. When we went back on Tuesday, they remembered us and offered us a 100.00 package for free!! So we have gobs up pictures and Tyson was the biggest ham, so I'm glad I could choose a couple of my favorite poses.

Couldn't resist this football one! Scott is bummed that he is in red and not blue or it would have been the perfect shot for him.