Thursday, May 26, 2011

The 5K

Last weekend, my friends and I signed ourselves up for a 5k. I originally thought it was around a little lake downtown and was excited that it would be flat. Not so. A few days before, I discovered that it would be over a pedestrian bridge. In theory it is pretty cool. It's the largest Pedestrian bridge in the US and the only one that connects two states (Nebraska and Iowa) and it crosses over the Missouri River. But its not really cool when you have to run up over it twice. I didn't like the incline. Anyways, we finished and here are some pictures to prove it.

The Racers: Me, Marykaye, and Melanie

(Apparently, I 'm really tall)

The Course:

(So we ran along the river a little ways, crossed the bridge, ran a little more, turned around and came back the same way)The Finish Line (hallelujah):The Finishers:The Fan Club:

(a little someone did not want to join the picture)

The Spider:

(he would pose for that however)I was glad I did it. Not during the race of course, but afterwards, yes. I may even do another one soon. Once I forget how hard this one was:)