Saturday, March 29, 2008

Our Baby


Here are some pictures that will catch you up to what he looks like now.  I put them in order from the oldest to the most recent.  If you look closely, you can see his double chin growing in each picture! Who do you think he looks like?
Never disturb a sleeping baby.  Especially when they look as cute as this!

First Bath

He didn't like his first bath, but luckily both mom and baby are getting better at it and it is a much more enjoyable experience.  I thought he looks cute in his towel.

Tyson's first Sunday

I have to share our first church experience.  We have 9:00 church and the Sunday that we were planning to take Tyson was Daylight Savings time, so we actually lost an hour.  Needless to say, I didn't make Sacrament Meeting.  Because I'm in Primary, I decided I'd make the last two hours of church.  As I get him in the car and drive to church, Tyson starts screaming.  When I pull into the parking lot, I see Scott leaving and so we pull over and he says he has to go home to take some medicine....(oh, I need to mention that Scott broke his arm playing basketball.  You better believe I'm taking a mental count of how many poopy diapers he is missing out on and will be paying for it later).  Anyways, we decide that we should just both go home and I would feed Tyson, while Scott takes his pain meds.  So making the second hour of church just went out the window.  Scott has to teach Young Men's in the third hour so I'm kind of rushing Tyson through his feeding.  Because of my poor choice, Tyson pukes up all over my shirt.  So, I hurry and change, we throw Tyson in the car seat and yes we did make the 3rd hour.  The following week, we were only a half hour late! Getting better every time.  Maybe next week we will be there at the start!  This picture of Tyson on his first Sunday pretty much sums up our day!

Friday, March 28, 2008

I'm on a roll...for now. The first few days home from the hospital, Tyson was quite jaundiced (I don't know if you can say it like that) and had to be kept on a "tanning bed" as we called it. Poor guy. His long limbs sometimes escaped from the velcro sleeping bag we had him in. If he wasn't on the bed, he had to have a wand on him with a blanket. It made for great pictures! One night, while playing cards with the family and Tyson fast asleep in his bed, we heard him start to cry and his whole body had pushed out of the bag. It looked pretty funny, almost like a dying cockroach. We didn't get to dress him in any cute clothes for about a week!


Here we are...finally joining the blogging world. You can get off our backs now! :) I didn't want to have a blog of just Scott and me, so now that we have a new little tyke, are moving away soon, and finally have the internet at our house, it created the perfect opportunity to get started. I guess we'll start from the delivery of Tyson Scott Howard, our 10 lb 5 oz.  and 22 in. baby boy!

I know this picture of me is not cute, but hey, I just got done pushing out a 10 pounder! Luckily his dad was looking cute for the occasion. I was induced a week early and so Tyson was born on February 19th. It was a fairly quick labor and I am a big fan of epidurals! There is no way Tyson could have come without one. The doctors were amazed at how big he was and thought we should call him Bubba. He even told the respiratory therapist to watch out because Tyson might take a swing at him. I'll just have to get used to not ever holding a real newborn-sized child. We still love our big guy! It is all sort of a surreal experience.'s been 6 weeks since then and it still seems surreal sometimes!