Friday, October 29, 2010


Costumes were fun this year and for the most part pretty easy and inexpensive(always a plus). I only had to make the vests for each of them and stitched ribbon on her skirt and I was done! It was quite fun and I thought they turned out cute, I only wish the picture of Tyson was lighter. I would like to be able to claim I made those cute boots too, but Scott's aunt Caroline knitted those for Tyson when he was born. They fit perfectly!
We had a great ward trunk-or-treat where Tyson executed the "Trick-or-Treat" phrase perfectly. Of course, when candy is at the other end of it, who wouldn't say it right??

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Halloween Festivities

We took our annual trip to Vala's pumpkin patch last week and of course had Tyson stand to be measured. It was fun to look up our other two trips to see how he's grown. We saw a petting zoo, pig races, did a tractor ride, and other fun things. It always makes for a fun outing. We didn't even bring a stroller for Tyson...a big step... and he did really good to stay with us. Feeding a camel. You can see Tyson and I are not to into the whole thing. I did feed him also and the goo left on my hand was disgusting.You can tell on my face that I was really happy to be at that certain venue. Scott caught my face perfectly. Tyson loved these stupid dancing/singing animals and I'm thinking, "we paid money to come sit and watch this??" I finally bribed Tyson to leave!Needs no explanation...She was great!Searching for the perfect pumpkin...or climbing on of the two.Yearly family photo op. Now we have 2 kids in it!We carved a pumpkin a few days ago and this kid always makes for an entertaining time. We drew out a pumpkin and let him decide what shapes the eyes and nose should be and then drew them on the paper. He then proceeded to be the task-master. When we would finish cutting out a piece he would say, "one triangle eye....check!" "A circle nose..check!" And then he would scribble them out on his paper. The mouth took the longest but he was diligent and would not cross it off until it was completely cut out, to which he replied, "One mouth, Check!" It had to be the funniest thing! So here he is holding up his checklist. He'll make a good boss someday. So here's our supervisor proudly displaying "his" work.And our littlest pumpkin too.
We have a great playgroup here and one day we went to a small pumpkin patch on a cute little farm. Which way to the pumpkins? They had huge tire swings, lots of chickens to feed, pony rides and fun play areas. What more could a little boy want??My 2 year old boy looking so big on that horse. I mean, really big. We took a hayride out to the field and...found a good one! Dibs!We also had a Halloween party for the kiddo's in our playgroup and did fun games and decorated cookies. We went a little crazy with the sprinkles. Tyson is a cowboy this year and Camille will be a cowgirl. Should be fun!

Our ward Halloween party/trunk or treat is coming up with more costume pics to follow! Can't wait.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Smiles all around!

I couldn't decide which one I liked better so I put both!
Love her big grin, crazy hair and her over the top flower!

I sure love these 2 little ones! And I've quickly found that when they're both happy...mama's happy!

Friday, October 15, 2010


This past Sunday we blessed Camille. We were lucky that both sets of parents could come out and be here for it from Arizona and Utah. My mom made Camille's dress and it turned out so beautiful (thank you thank you!). She was wiped out from the day so we didn't get many pictures with her eyes open. She did great during the blessing, just looked around as she's pretty mellow for the most part! My neighbor and good friend made these cute little shoes for my baby shower and they fit just perfectly and looked so cute with her dress! (Thanks Jill!)Camille and Tyson were both out at church...Grandma and Grandpa Turner up top. And Grandma and Grandpa Howard on the bottom. Both came with fun gifts to spoil my kids. Grandparents are great! Our family of four!
It was a great day and everything went off without a hitch! Thanks to our parents for coming out, it was sure special to have you both here!

Monday, October 4, 2010

For Grandma...She was mesmorized by Tyson running around.
Beginnings of a smile!