Friday, August 27, 2010

Camille Ruth Howard

Our newest little addtion arrived yesterday (Thursday August 26th) on my sister and my Grandpa's birthday! She weighed 9 lbs. 9oz. and is 22 inches long. The birth was a little bit harder than Tyson's which is a little strange considering he was about a pound heavier. But she made it by 4:38 pm. So far she doesn't cry too much and when she does its pretty dainty. She is quite cute and petite (as strange as that sounds, but compared to her brother...)has a good bit of brown hair. Although it may not look like it here...Tyson was really excited to see her and thought she was really cute. He has been asking about her at home as well. We named her middle name Ruth after my grandma Evans who passed away last Christmas around the time we found out we were pregnant. We are doing well (a little sore) and adjusting. I'll add some more pictures of her later because you can't really see her here... and she'll probably have a bow! Its fun to have some pink around!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Welcome to the World's Largest Kool-aid stand! (Can you see Scott at the front of the line, right below the 3rd flag from the left?) Our family ventured about 2 hours west of Omaha to Hastings, Nebraska. Home of where Kool-aid was invented. So every August, they have a 3 day weekend to celebrate. We've been wanting to do this for a few years now and finally decided to go. You buy a $2 mug (or more for a fancy light up one like I'm holding) and get all the refills you want of any of the 14 flavors they offered all day long. We were a little sugared up and bloated after a while:) and wanted nothing but water the rest of the evening.Can't forget a photo opportunity with the Kool-aid Man himself! Not every day you see him!Tyson sure enjoyed his share of Kool-aid. I've never really given him kool-aid before and he sure guzzled it down. They had lots of little games for kids to do such as...

a bean bag toss and others. (Great side shot of the belly...thanks Scott)A "train" ride which Tyson thought was pretty fun...And of course dancing in the street to a senior band playing war time songs. We probably stayed there at least 20 min. watching him dance...the last 10 min. were all by himself in the street...I'll have to post the video of that.We were going to head to the Hastings Museum for more Kool-aid info and excitement, but one look back in our rearview mirror after being in the car 2 minutes, showed us that this sleepy boy with a great kool-aid mustache was done for the day.

It made for a fun little trip and I'm glad we went! It was getting pretty hot, so we were glad to leave around noon, but they had later events such as a concert, fireworks and a kool-aid drinking contest which we just the missed the preliminaries for that morning. I would have made sure Scott enter just for the heck of it and for the sake of pictures.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Hopefully, this little guy will officially be a big brother in 12 days!

I had a doctors appointment on Friday and I'm progressing, to his surprise and mine and we've discussed being induced on the 26th of August (he just has to double check his calendar). We've been talking lots with Tyson about baby sister coming and how to take care of her. I think he will love her a lot but have a little bit of an adjustment with all the time she takes mom away from him. He is very sweet and calls the doll "cute" and will put his head to my belly and say, "What's happening baby?" We try to talk about what her name should be, but he is adamant that her name is Baby Sister. Feeding her bottles.

And here is just a random video of Tyson trying to jump off 2 feet. I know he's probably behind in this regard, but its hard getting 40+ lbs off the ground! He kept thinking I was taking a picture so would jump and say cheese all at once. Funny boy!
I should have one more post coming soon! I know 2 posts in a short amount of time..incredible!