Friday, November 16, 2012

September activites!

The house we rented had a pool in the backyard which the kids loved and was perfect for some hot summer days.  Once Tyson got these cool 'clearance' floaties, he roamed the pool with new confidence!

The Botanical Gardens had a dinosaur exhibit so we headed down there one hot hot day.  I think it was in the 100's that day!  You can tell te kids were a little pink and sweaty.

Preschool also started. Here is Tyson's first day! He goes Tues/Thurs. 9-2.

We also signed him up for YMCA soccer and didn't know how he'd do.  But he surprised us all! He did really well and loved it.

About to score!

We also hit up the zoo one day (Omaha zoo has a very similar lion statue!)


LindaLou said...

I need to come so I can picture this place

Kristin said...

fun pictures! San Antonio looks like a great place!