Tuesday, November 27, 2012


Moving Day!  We moved into our house the weekend before Halloween and I can't tell you how excited I was to see the moving truck with all of our stuff coming out of it! It had been stored in Omaha for 3 months and we missed it all!

Hard to get a picture of the house with a truck in front (the house with the ladder), so I will have to update with better pictures later.

So seeing as my sewing machine came off the truck on Saturday, I hurried and made Tyson's costume the day before Halloween and day of the church party! I thought he looked adorable in his Snowman get-up!

Here we are at the church party...he had to hike up the bottom a little bit so that he could run around better with the other kids! I love this profile shot! So funny!

Night of trick-or-treating.  We didn't see any kids for awhile and turns out they have a little block party at the front of our neighborhood where they gather around for pizza and a parade and then all the kids set off together!


Camille carried her bucket around with her for the whole next week! I mean, everywhere.  In her crib and inside Tyson's preschool when dropping him off and picking him up. We had to draw the line at going to church. I tried to capture Tyson's hair and just how sweaty he got running around.  Tha'ts what happens in Texas in October I guess!

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