Saturday, December 1, 2012


Months ago, after Mother's Day and Father's Day came, Tyson was determined that there should be a Brother's Day. So we told him the place we were moving too had a cool place full of ocean animals and we could go there for Brother's Day.  He was pretty patient, but always reminding us.  We were trying to wait for a weekend that wasn't so hot!  We decided to go the first week in November thinking it would be decent weather...but it was still 90 deg!

At the dolphin show...we loved this one!

Stopped for some fun rides in the kiddie area.

Shamu show! Way cool! (Can you spot all 3 of them?)

Tyson, as always, was our navigator.  He stole the stroller the minute Camille wanted out so he could relax and lead the way.

Tuckered out on the way home.  Love that we can do fun things like this. Already planning to go back for the Christmas shows this month!


Kristin said...

oh the map boy...he is quite funny!

Stephanie said...

When we went to SeaWorld the girls were asleep before we left the parking lot. I totally cried during the Shamu show. It is truly amazing.

Stephanie said...

So I just caught up on your older posts. Ummm. I think I would have kept renting the house with the pool. That would be awesome.